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We Are Going To Be Sharing The Exact Process We Use To Launch A New Product On Facebook, at Retail and Through Live Shopping! 

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Are you ready to take control of launching your product and commercializing your idea?

“Instapreneur, The all new Rapid Retail Mastermind is an all day workshop focused on sharing expert secrets that can help take your product to market; learn from Billionaire Business People, Celebrity Pitch People and the Gurus of Product Development how to take your product to market. Each Person will come to this class with a concept and leave with a finished concept * or a strong actionable plan on how to take their product to the next level. 

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– Are you tired of licensing deals that never make you money?

– Have you ever thought you were the best sales person for your product but didn’t know where to start?– Learn how to operate a Facebook and Instagram Campaign from one of the top marketers in the space! 

– Learn how to chose a winning invention and make it a winner for retailers!

– Learn how to put your company together to be able to sell for a 10x exit! 

– Learn how to get your product into retail yourself!

–  Do you want funding or need an investor ? 
-Meet them in our event and pitch your idea! 
– Come in with a concept and leave with a product or a plan! 
-Learn the practical business secrets the competition is using and what the pros do to launch and protect their ideas!
-Learn how Press can make or break your campaign! 
– Meet Top entrepreneurs that have sold and mass marketed products who can show you the secrets!
– Network with whose who in the Consumer Product Tv and Internet Marketing Industry! 
– Meet Connected Companies, Billionaires, Top Funding Gurus, Business Coaches and Celebrities!




Has sold $4 Billion of product globally

CEO and Founder of Boardwalk Holdings Corporation:
Lindsey Brooks enjoys working on new product ideas that help make people’s lives better. She is the chair of several thriving research
and beauty companies in Seattle, including the Boardwalk Holdings Corporation and the Retail Consumer Science, a digital research and consumer product company that uses Facebook marketing and media to power direct response campaigns.

Brooks is responsible for creating, contributing to, and managing strategy on many of the highest grossing campaigns and rollouts of products in the “As Seen on TV” Infomercials, including the Shamwow, Schticky, Bottle Rocket, Slap Chop, The Perfect Wine Opener, and many more.

In addition, she has coached spokesmen including Hulk Hogan, Gordon Ramsey, Vince Offer, and George Foreman. Internationally, Brooks created and operates a very successful sourcing and manufacturing company in China, where has lived and worked several years.

Dedicated to researching and studying consumer choices for more than 15 years, Brooks’ team has become one of the most agile and knowledgeable in the industry. Her white papers and commentary have been noted on the international stage in many books, articles, and engagements around the world.

Brooks is also a board member of the board of Runway to Freedom, which assists domestic violence victims in Seattle; a board member of the United Inventors Association; and she has been a Judge at INPEX, the largest invention convention in America.

On of Brooks’ favorite quotes comes from American motivational speaker Zig Ziglar: “Don’t be distracted by criticism. The only taste of success some people get is to take a bite out of you.”

Voted one of the top 20 people to know in the DRTV industry, Public speaker at Trade shows and product events worldwide, the US patent office and the Whitehouse. Lindsey’s most recent accomplishment was simultaneously launching two nearly identical product brands on Facebook with two price points that sold over 2 million pieces B2C, and by using data and audience segmentation isolated retail target groups brought HSN their highest grossing gift item of 2017. Using Facebook Media and predictive marketing drove the product to sell nearly 300000 pieces in Live Shopping the first year of operation. Lindsey pioneered the low obstacle checkout systems in the direct response industry based on her research into consumer behavior, she created segmented branding and is the principle architect of the Facebookmercial and Retailmercial concept.

CEO and Chairman Mercury Commerce
"America's Pitchman" and " Dr of Shopology"

Has sold over $2-Billion and pitched over 100,000 different products globally!

One of the first on-air home shopping hosts and considered a pioneer in the home shopping industry with over 35,000 live hours, over 100,000 product presentations and over 2 billion dollars in sales!

John has extensive connections and partners worldwide that have helped him bring consumer products to top live shopping networks in the U.S. and over seas. He has years of experience of successfully identifying, developing, marketing and distributing, some of the coolest products and innovation to shopping channels all over the world! Each product designed to save consumers time and money by providing affordable, convenient solutions to everyday problems!”

The Electronic Retailing Association named John the Best Direct Response Marketing Product On-Air Expert for 2014! His span of over 30 years as a national television host is unrivaled by only a few in electronic retailing.

John’s accomplishments include hosting 46 Infomercials, both long and short form, that were produced by Telebrands, BulbHead, Industex, AllStar, Dr. Ho, HM3 Harrington Multi Media Marketing, Cole Media Group, Onyx Media, Torstar-TMGTV, Kevin Harrington’s TV Goods Inc. and AsSeenOnTv.Com. He co-hosted the nationally syndicated television and radio show, My Cool Inventions which was heard on radio stations across the country and seen on the Inventions and Gadgets Channel featured on Roku TV, Amazon FireTV, AndroidTV, Facebook LIVE and Youtube LIVE.


International Sales Guru and Pitch person trainer has been selling consumer goods for over 27 years.

Peter has grossed over a billion dollars in the live sales and demo market as a pitchman and promoter. Beginning in 1990, Peter started as a grafter in the UK selling at live events and worked his way into the Infomercial and TV industry. He sold over 3 million dollars worth of the Bamix food processor a worldwide brand in just a couple of promotions at the worlds most exciting trade event in the world the Ideal Home Show. He has 36000 hours of live selling history, as well as has been on 15 shopping channels worldwide as a presenter and host, and is one of the highest grossing Facebook personalities for consumer products to date. Peter has a charm and charisma that is unmatched in any on air presentations across all channels.

Peter is a master sales trainer and coach, he has worked with thousands of pitch people to show them how to sell, promote and market consumer products. He is a corporate trainer currently and flys around the world training on air hosts and celebrities to sell consumer products. Peter is the master of the pitch if you have a product that you want to sell he is the one who can create the entire presentation and script to sell the product in a method that is beneficial to grossing maximum revenue.

Peter is an inventor and a product developer, he spends time in China and Europe looking for the top new products and gadgets, as well as coaching and training inventors and marketers on how to alter and change their products to suit consumers. Peter is the true voice of the consumer, not only he an amazing communicator, but he is a great listener and spends most of his time researching consumer preference and product marketability. His products are sold worldwide in the 30 major US retailers, 120 countries and 60000 stores.


Top 100 Facebook Marketers $20,000,000 + Generated

Individually he has sold over 20 million dollars through just marketing consumer products through Facebook. At the ripe old age of 27 Jake made his splash on Facebook with many household products that dominated Facebook ads, the viral videos that chase you around and the ads that you share were likely crafted and created by Jake. He is a master at building funnels and sites that convert and provide a low barrier to entry for consumers. With his genius and methodical approach to each product he is guaranteed to share actionable and practical information that will help you take your product to the next level. The youngest member of the team but by far the most genius, he has a deep entrepreneurial spirit and strong leadership qualities that are unmatched!

Jake has studied deeply the art of crafting direct response Facebook Campaigns, and is considered a master by his peers. He is recommended by the top internet marketers in the world, companies with well over 100 million in gross revenue recommend Jake on a daily basis to run, manage and deliver strong campaigns. His keen insight in developing ads, ad copy and using facebooks metrics to grab and captivate audiences make him a key member of the team at Boardwalk Brand. His deep understanding of Facebook’s algorithms, tracking, and campaign operation, he’s sure to place your product in front of the right customer.

Every business he has started with less than $10,000 upfront capital. He has run many successful product campaigns that you may have seen including, Blackhead Peel Masks (Approx. $600,000), Windshield ice guards (Approx. $1,800,000), gold playing cards (Approx. $350,000), solar outdoor lighting ( Approx. $900,000 ) and Leather charm bracelets ( Approx. $1,200,000) the list goes on, these numbers were gross in very short time frames and managed with very little overhead.

He was the principle marketer in creating the first ever Shopify sales funnel builder, and was the first to create an application that allowed Shopify stores to skip the cart page because his data showed him it reduced conversion rates. Now there are dozens of similar apps that followed in his footsteps. Jake is a dynamic trend setter who continues to create new applications and business processes that shape how ads are created and customers are communicated with on a daily basis.

Andrea Hence Evans Esq
Celebrity IP Lawyer
Trademark and Patent Expert
Author- Speaker

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. launched the intellectual property law practice, The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans, LLC. Attorney Evans career path is unique since she worked at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for 5 years as both a patent examiner and a trademark examining attorney after graduating from law school.

While working as a Trademark Examining Attorney, she examined all types of trademarks including design marks, word marks, Madrid applications, and configuration trademark applications to determine eligibility for registration on the Principal or Supplemental Register. This examination included conducting a search using the USPTO automated search tools to determine whether the applicant’s mark was similar to prior pending applications and also whether the goods or services were closely related to registrant’s such that there is a likelihood of confusion as defined under Trademark Act Section 2(d). Extensive legal research was also conducted to determine whether or not the applicant’s proposed mark was descriptive, misdescriptive, a surname, geographically descriptive or geographically misdescriptive as defined under Trademark Act Sections 2(e)(1), 2(e)(2), 2(e)(3) and 2(e)(4), respectively.

Prior to working as a Trademark Examining Attorney, Attorney Evans began her career at the USPTO as a Patent Examiner. As a Patent Examiner, she examined patent applications in the electrical and mechanical engineering areas featuring printing, keyboards and time measuring devices. She researched prior art using USPTO automated tools to determine whether the applications complied with patent laws and rules such as novelty (Section 102) and obviousness (Section 103). She is extremely familiar with patent and trademark policies, procedures and USPTO guidelines.

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. is a graduate of The George Washington Law School in Washington, DC. While attending law school, she took advantage of the school’s world renowned intellectual property curriculum and studied and excelled in the following courses: patent law, unfair competition and trademark law, computer law and international comparative patent law.


During the school year and summers, Attorney Evans worked at Staas & Halsey,LLP in Washington, DC as a law clerk where she assisted in writing patent infringement reports to clients who were considering whether or not to file patents as well as for patent owners. Also, Attorney Evans worked at Pennie & Edmonds, LLP in the Washington, DC office as a summer associate where she worked in the mechanical engineering group on patent prosecution and patent litigation projects including legal research and writing, prior art searches and writing patent applications.

Attorney Evans is a graduate of Spelman College and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, Georgia, where she obtained a Bachelors of Science in mathematics and a Bachelors of Civil Engineering, respectively. She participated in a 5 year dual degree engineering program. After high school, she received the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) full tuition academic scholarship to Spelman College and Georgia Tech from NASA and worked on numerous engineering projects at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas as a summer intern.

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. is a member of the Texas bar and the United States Supreme Court bar. She is also a registered Patent Attorney.

She received the 2011 Nation’s Best Advocate of the Year award and the Nation’s Best Advocates: 40 Lawyers Under 40 award from the National Bar Association (NBA) and IMPACT.



Paul Holeman
CEO Pitch with Paul
CEO Seattle Doggy Daycare
Entrepreneur- Success coach-Speaker

Kidpreneur and Kid CEO has starred in multiple infomercials and began pitching consumer products at the ripe old age of 3. Paul is a master of the pitch and teaches young and old alike how to perfect their pitch and find the proper customer. At 13, Paul has had several successful companies, he started his dog walking and daycare business and grossed over 200k in less than a year using the power of the sharing community to build and appropriate his dreams. Paul has a new invention in the cleaning category he is just releasing that is going to be a Facebook and consumer product hit. Paul regularly speaks at entrepreneurial events all over the world where he motivates kids, teens and adults to make their products and ideas a reality. His secret is his creativity coupled with his salesmanship; his future exploits are to help children around the world become entrepreneurs and define their futures, to save animals and to reinvent the US education system. Paul deep down is an activist and has an obsession with history, he can be found debating public policy and recounting history, sitting at coffee shops with his Mom.

Carlos Siquieria
CEO Disruptors LLC
Chief Disruption Strategist

Carlos Siqueira is an Ambassador, Inspirational Speaker, Social Media Influencer, and a Neuro Business Acceleration Strategist, known internationally as the “Mentor of the highest paid coaches, consultants, experts, and speakers in the world.” He began his career at age 7—selling his mother’s bread on the streets of Northern Brazil —and rose to become a number one top selling sales executive and trainer/mentor for Fortune 100 companies in the United States. He helped Xfinity, formerly known as Comcast sell over a Billion dollars of services. He is the author of the incredible international bestselling book, ‘Work Like An Immigrant: 9 Keys to Unlock Your Potential, Attain True Fulfillment, and Build Your Legacy Today.’ After achieving his own dreams, he now mentors other entrepreneurs, celebrities, coaches, consultants, service providers and speakers worldwide to create theirs. His focus is accelerated “Message-to-Market-Match™” and finding ways to disrupt the status quo, create a legacy and to live an extraordinary quality of life. With his unique blend of real-world experience, business insight, high energy and contagious good humor, Carlos helps others achieve personal and professional success and fulfillment they once barely dared to dream! Tony Robbins himself, says on record, if there is one person in the world to give him a run for his money, is Carlos Siqueira. In his free time, Carlos loves playing soccer, basketball, doing capoeira, karaoke, swimming, and playing water ballon games with his 7 year old daughter Isabella and his wife Angie.

Solomon Brown
CEO Sell-Able
Retail Placement Expert

Solomon has pioneered sales and marketing campaigns for the past 17 years. His leadership has generated 100’s of millions in revenue for fortune 100’s and bootstrapped startups around the world. Solomon is currently the principal of Sell-Able™ a distribution, branding, and marketing group that specializes in sourcing for major retailers with exclusive brand collaboration strategies. Solomon is a huge advocate of community out-reach and founded AYSA “AreYou Sell-Able” a non-profit sales and marketing program that helps offer education in sales with career placement for high risk teens and young adults.

Sean Kanan
Celebrity Presenter-Business and Success Coach

A true Renaissance man, Sean Kanan epitomizes the expression “triple threat“ having achieved success as an actor, producer and writer. Sean’s newest book, Success Factor X, became an Amazon new release best seller one week after its release and is now available on Amazon. Sean’s career exploded with his breakout performance as a villain, Mike Barnes, in the Karate Kid III beating out over two thousand hopefuls to his iconic roles in daytime television playing black sheep AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital to his critically acclaimed portrayal of Deacon Sharpe on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, television’s most syndicated show in history seen in over one hundred countries. Having appeared in more than one thousand episodes of network television and fifteen feature films, Sean is recognized around the world. Sean splits his time between Los Angeles and Palm Springs where he dedicates his free time to charitable endeavors, practicing martial arts, traveling and studying multiple foreign languages.

Alec Stern
Cofounder Constant Contact
America's Startup Success Expert

Alec has more than 25 years of experience as a founder investor and hyper-growth agent for companies across various industries. He is an innovator with extensive expertise in growing and scaling companies, startup and operational growth, go-to-market strategy, strategic partnerships and more. 

As a primary member of Constant Contact’s founding team Alec was one of the original 3 who started the company in an attic. Alec was with the company for 18 years from start-up, to IPO, to a $1.1 Billion-dollar acquisition. Alec has also been a co-founder or on the founding team of several other successful startups including VMark (IPO & acquisition), The Handy Cane, MOST Cardio and Point2Point Global amongst others.

Performing hundreds of keynote addresses Worldwide, Alec has become known as America’s Startup Success Expert for his popular sessions at conferences like Secret Knock, Powerteam International, City Summit and Habitude Warrior. In 2019 Alec is the Keynote speaker at three out of the top five “Inc. Magazine Must Attend Conferences for Startups and Entrepreneurs in 2019.” While on tour, Alec has shared the stage with the likes of Tom Bilyeu, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Kevin Harrington and Mark Victor Hanson. Alec appears on the Influence 100 Authority List by Influence Magazine which recognizes his contribution to helping and advancing startups and entrepreneurs worldwide. He has also recently been featured on the covers of several other magazines including “Small Business Trendsetters,” “Success Profiles” and “Business Innovators.”

Alec advises a variety of early stage companies and serves as a judge, mentor and advisor for nationally known startup accelerators and programs including TechStars, MassChallenge and the Stevie Awards and speaks at Universities including Harvard and MIT. 

One of the Northeast’s most accomplished entrepreneurs, he is a limited partner in Boston-based G20 Ventures, which provides early traction capital for East Coast enterprise tech startups. Alec is also an angel investor in a number of rising startups in various industries.

Only a sideman when it comes to music, Alec is an accomplished drummer and has had the honor of sitting in with a number of musicians including Toby Keith’s house band in Vegas.

Connect with Alec:

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alecstern

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/AlecStern

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/alecspeaks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alec.stern

Website:  http://www.alecspeaks.com

Email:  alec@alecspeaks.com

Alex Frakking
Cofounder Hit Laboratories Inc
Cofounder Nuclear Block Ventures

As Technical Director of HIT Laboratories, Alex helps innovators and marketers rapidly test new product concepts to optimize both product design and marketing. His lean methods take products from initial concept to test market within six days, and to market within thirty days. With an engineering background, Alex applies his design experience to creating standardized tests of product viability, used to evaluate product concepts and improve them for maximum consumer appeal. His methods have been employed by over 200 companies internationally to rapidly launch or improve innovative consumer products.

Relevant presentations:

● Maximizing Product Appeal: How to Design Successful Innovative Products.
● Never Build It: How to Use Dry Testing To Validate Products Before Manufacturing

Dr Draion M Burch

Celebrity Entrepreneur/ Author "Americas OBGYN"

Dr. Draion M. Burch, DO, aka “Dr. Drai” is among the
country’s most well-known and respected board-certified
OBGYN physicians and surgeons. He travels throughout the U.S.
speaking at corporations, conventions, colleges, and churches on insights and
strategies for improving women’s health earning him the title of “America’s OBGYN” by
his peers and patients. Dr. Drai is frequently called upon by local and national TV, print,
radio, and online media to give a fresh perspective and new information on women’s
health trends. He is very active in women’s health policy initiatives at the national level;
Dr. Drai served on the Board of Trustees for the American Osteopathic Association and
the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Dr. Drai is the Founder and Chief Medical Advisor of
DrDrai.com, where he discusses actionable ideas and real-
world strategies to help women take control of their health. A

few words come to mind when describing Dr. Drai – Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning
Blogger, Fortune 500 Brand Ambassador, Medical Executive Coach, and the go-to

Media Expert on women’s health and transgender health issues. He is seen as the
leading visionary & practicing concierge physician of modern medicine. But those
who’ve have seen him ON STAGE can usually describe him in one word – DYNAMIC.
Dr. Drai combines practical, responsible academic knowledge, with his charisma and
high-energy personality – making him a highly sought after national speaker.

Not only does Dr. Drai speak, he teaches other doctors to
rock the stage. He is the CEO of Burch Media Group, a company that coaches
doctorpreneurs to use their medical expertise to leverage a lifestyle of freedom. This is
accomplished by optimal branding, strategic marketing, as well as purposeful product
development and placement.

Born and raised in Southern Mississippi, Dr. Drai earned his
undergraduate degree from Xavier University of Louisiana,
his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine degree from The Ohio
University and completed his internship and residency at
Michigan State University. Transitioned from academic medicine to boutique
medicine, Dr. Drai is the owner of Amare Concierge, the new standard of healthcare for
women. He is also a media spokesperson for the American Osteopathic Association

Josh Malone
Cofounder US Inventor
Celebrity Inventor Bunch of Balloons
Innovation Policy Strategist

Josh Malone quit his corporate job in 2006 to take his shot at the Inventor’s
Dream. Eight years later, savings depleted and kids college unfunded, he took one
last swing before trudging back to the corporate world. And hit a homerun with
Bunch O Balloons. His solution to the 63 year old problem of filling and sealing
water balloons instantly became the number one selling summer toy. His invention
was stolen by a notorious infringer who convinced the USPTO to revoke his patent
under a controversial procedure of the 2011 America Invents Act. A brutal and
costly legal battle combined with a anti-corruption crusade ultimately resulted in a
$31M award and restoration of his patent rights. He is now a full time volunteer
with the inventor advocacy organization US Inventor.

Warren Tuttle
Celebrity Inventor, Licensing Expert
Inventor advocate

Warren Tuttle serves as the President of the United Inventors Association Board of Directors, a position he has held since 2009. The UIA is a national 501C3 non-profit that helps inventors with education, advocacy and marketplace access. He also is a member of the national non-profit Pro Bono Patent Commission. Professionally, Warren oversees the Open Innovation product programs for three industry leading companies: Lifetime Brands in Housewares and Table Top (Farberware, Kitchen Aid and 30 others), Techtronics Industries Power Tool Group in Power Tools and Hardware (Ryobi, Ridgid, Hart and others) and Merchant Media in Direct Response Television (Smart Spin, True Touch and many others).

Warren personally interacts via email or phone with over 5,000 inventors a year and has initiated
over100 new product licensing agreements which have collectively generated a billion $ in retail sales. Warren recently signed a book deal with world leading publisher Harper Collins for the 2020 release of Inventor Confidential, The Insider’s Game to Achieving Licensing Success. He lives with his wife Lynn in Southern Connecticut, has three wonderful daughters all educated and working in the New York City area. He enjoys skiing, motorcycling, golf and travel.

Vito Papariello
COO Billion Schmidt Private Equity
Funding Strategist- Business Rainmaker

Vito Papariello has an impeccable background in the world of finance. He has over 15 years of executive expertise in the areas of financial management, business continuity, corporate strategic outsourcing, organizational strategy development and process improvement.  He has also been actively involved in the areas of corporate business development and global sales.  

Mr. Papariello spent the vast majority of his financial career in the arena of consulting and investment banking services to businesses and property owners throughout the North American Region.  His experience ranges from assisting clients in structuring opportunities to establishing multimillion dollar investment circumstances, while catering to a wide network of wealthy individuals, family offices, institutional lenders and investors.  This has allowed him to build a unique platform for solving capital issues.  His tremendous success is a direct  result of extraordinary dedication as he has committed his entire entrepreneurial career to service within this organization. 


Steven W. Heller

Licensing Guru- Lawyer- Speaker CEO of Brand Liason

With degrees in both law and accounting, and 25 years in licensing and business development,
Mr. Heller combined his vision, experience and strong industry contacts to create The Brand
Liaison. Since its formation in 2011, The Brand Liaison quickly gained prominence as one of
the leading licensing agencies, with a stellar reputation and strong management team. The Brand
Liaison staff is among the most diverse in the industry with experts across a broad range of
product classifications.

Throughout his 25 year career, Mr. Heller has been active in all aspects of intellectual property,
including the worldwide licensing and enforcement of various world famous properties,
representing licensors and licensees in deals involving fashion brands such as Gloria Vanderbilt,
Nautica, Gitano, Oleg Cassini, and properties owned by Disney, MGM, Warner Brothers, the
NFL, NBA, NCAA, and FIFA. As part of these licensing programs and brand extension
strategies, he has also worked with major retailers such as Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us,
Hot Topic, Jo-Ann’s, David’s Bridal, and many others.

In addition to his strong negotiation skills and ability to craft business deals advantageous to all
parties, Mr. Heller is able to utilize his creative and entrepreneurial skills to provide guidance in
brand development and product development. “Based on our deep rolodex and our collective
experience with thousands of companies, we are able to quickly identify our clients’ core
competencies, as well as their business needs. We are then able to create successful business
relationships by matching our clients’ needs, with companies that specialize in that area.”
Also known as “The Professor,” Mr. Heller is a renown public speaker and a professor of
business and law at both the graduate and undergraduate level, including Nova Southeastern
University, at both the Shepard Broad Law Center and Wayne Huizenga College of Business
Entrepreneurship and at St. Thomas University School of Law. He has conducted seminars and
lectures on business and law topics such as trademarks and licensing, franchising and

international business. He is an author and presenter of seminars on “Trademarks, Patents and
Copyrights” and “How to Use Licensing and Franchising as a Means of Business Expansion.”
Mr. Heller graduated cum laude in the top 5% of his class at Fordham Law School, 1991 and
graduated SUNY Albany in 1987, with dual major in Accounting and Business Administration.
Mr. Heller is a licensed attorney and member of bar in the State of New York State.

Sanda Cleary
Celebrity Entrepreneur- Angel Investor
CEO SLC Holdings Group

Sandy Cleary began her career in the aerospace industry. After the sudden passing of her brother, she left the corporate world and followed her passion for cruising by starting a cruise company in her mother’s basement. From that humble beginning, Sandy grew CruCon Cruise Outlet into one of the largest sellers of cruises in North America with more than $135 million in annual cruise volume, ultimately selling the company to Travel Leaders Group, a $24 billion dollar travel powerhouse. In 2017, Sandy founded SLC Group Holdings to assist entrepreneurs in need of capital and product development. She then partnered with HSN as a featured speaker and pitch panelist at HSN’s American Dreams Academy. As an angel investor, she has invested in several of the American Dreams Academy entrepreneurs and has won multiple business achievement awards.

Dara Trujillo
CMO SLC Holdings Group
Chief Retail Strategist-Live Shopping Authority-

Dara Trujillo has more than 28 years of retail, theme park (Walt Disney) and TV shopping experience
creating worldwide concepts and products. While at Disney, she created products and experiences
that are still enjoyed today by Guests. They include the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Goofy’s Candy
Company, expanding the Pin Trading experience and creating Duffy the Disney Bear. Most recently
Dara was VP of Merchandise Business Development for HSN where she created and managed the
American Dreams Program and Entrepreneur Academy helping entrepreneurs realize their TV retail
dreams. Currently, Dara is the CMO for SLC Group Holdings where her top priority is finding amazing
entrepreneurs and taking them from startup to stardom!

Michael Schlesinger Esq
"America's Litigator for the little guy"

Lawyer- Speaker- Entrepreneur

Mr. Schlesinger received a B.A. degree from Ursinus College in 1984 and a J.D. degree from Southwestern University School of Law in 1987. He attended law school at Rutgers University School of Law-Newark from 1986-1987. Mr. Schlesinger is a member of the Bars of New York (1988), and Florida (1998); and is admitted to practice before the Eastern District of New York (1988), Southern District of New York (1993), and Southern District of Florida (2012).

 Prior to opening his own firm in 2004, he was a partner at the New York law firm, Rosen and Reade, and then a partner of Miami law firms, Ferrell Schultz and Kluger Peretz Kaplan and Berlin. The focus is general corporate advice, probate and
business litigation as well as real estate litigation.

Michele Kanan
Celebrity presentation Strategist
Speaker- Author- Business Coach


Michele is creator of Flip Creative, a film and television production company, who’s credits include the much celebrated “I’m a Soap Star” comedic rap video. Michele is an accomplished writer, director, and producer. Her writing spans most genres and formats including branding, content, TV scripting, feature, grant writing, legal, technical, and marketing. She just produced a film called “Colonials”. Currently, she is in pre-production on “I’m A Soap Star”, development on a TV drama called “PLG”, and a SitCom titled “The Prospects” starring Momo Rodriguez, George Lopez and Edward James Olmos.

Michele is a popular show host for shows such as Kanan’s Rules and Pop City. Her hosting talent extends into home shopping for multiple products and international broadcast. Her hosting ambitions include development on a REAL ESTATE show highlighting the property ownership track since she is also a licensed REALTOR. Her slogan is : From Hollywood to Palm Springs and everywhere in between. “Providing concierge-level real estate service including Residential, Commercial, Multi Family, Income producing, Vacation Rental Properties, Buyers, Sellers/listings, de-Cluttering, relocation, staging, and photography. Michele shares her celebrity to give you the VIP experience that you deserve.”

Her extensive philanthropy work started at NYU and includes being a delegate to the AMA and Tobacco Free Coalition for California, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Desert AIDS Project, Project Angel Food, ADL, Boo2Bullying. Southern District of New York (1993), and Southern District of Florida (2012). Prior to opening his own firm in 2004, he was a partner at the New York law firm, Rosen and Reade, and then a partner of Miami law firms, Ferrell Schultz and Kluger Peretz Kaplan and Berlin. The focus is general corporate advice, probate and
business litigation as well as real estate litigation.

Moniladai Coley
CEO Judah Partners
Funding Specialist- Speaker- Entrepreneur

Moniladae “Moniladai” Coley, a native of California, growing up bi-coastal set her roots New York as she pursued her educational goals at NYU.  Her professional background includes working in the finance, international trade and real estate industry with varying exposure to the entertainment world garnered from her family background.  Her niche being international finance, strategy and management; applying her knowledge and skill set harnessed from her past employment at the likes of Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Pali Capital and Integra Productions.

She founded LuxeCaviarDreams Group “LCDG,” and other multi-national companies, such as Prestige Brands, BW Academy, and Billion Wealth Corp, that service a diverse range of solutions over a multifaceted and diverse terrain of capital markets.  LCDG is boutique conglomerate which joined forces with Ceran International to expand the breadth and reach garnering the ability to further service the clientele and projects at hand.

LCDG and Ceran International joining forces further expanded the already flourishing multifaceted and diverse boutique conglomerates service offerings and ventures. It has strengthened their manpower as they service a variety of industries.  The companies, affiliates and partners under LCDG and Ceran International cater to HNWI, Global Private Banks, Fortune 500, private institutions as well as early stage institutions.  

She is a world traveler that engages in philanthropic activities through such organizations as Habitats for Humanity, Robin Hood Foundation, Kidney Foundation, UNICEF, The Joyce Banda Foundation, Lunar NYC Foundation and St. Judes. She prides herself on being a woman of integrity ensuring her clients confidentiality and trust is never breached pre and post transaction as ventures are handled with the highest of discretion.  She is dedicated to meeting the needs of her clients and offers nothing short of excellence.

Jason Gonzalez
Fashion and Retail Strategist
Manufacturing- Prototyping and Design

Jason Gonzalez has 8 Years consumer product development experience, coming from Hollywood and the

Fashion, Beauty and Personal Care categories Jason has a wealth of consumer preference knowledge that is



Jason’s passion is solving difficult problems for his partners and associates, he is the one person that looks at

obstacles like they don’t exist and there is always away around a setback. 

Jason spent years as a creative leader in the retail industry, he is the main designer of the product The Bottle

Rocket that built the air pump wine opener category and is the highest grossing gift item on HSN.


Jason’s consumer brands are sold in many categories of worldwide retail, 15 shopping channels and 22 

countries worldwie, his eye for detail and matching what smart shoppers want is a keen skill that sets him apart

as a product developer.



Jason spends half his time traveling China and Europe looking for the next hot item, and manufacturing 

consumer products that are sold all over the world. 

Bob Toddfield
CEO Leimark
Principle Architect of Paid Media Retail Placement


                Bob Todd started Leisure Marketing in 1973 as a sporting

goods salesman, representing Puma. He got involved with As Seen On TV

starting with Ambervision from Telebrands in 1984 as their

1st salesman. He then added Fitness Quest and EZ Glider. His focus

changed to be a national ASOTV rep as the industry evolved. He has

been involved with many of the biggest items ever in the DRTV

industry such as Thigh Master, Trim Spa, Perfect Push Up, Shake

Weight, Magic Bullet, Wonder Hanger, Jack La Lane Juicer, Copper

Chef, Sani Sticks, Genie Bra, Magic Mesh, Pillow Pets, Snuggies and

many more just to name a few. Over the years he has  sold product to

every retail channel including QVC, HSN and Evine.

  In addition He was the only salesman inducted into the Direct Response Hall of Fame.


Dr Terry Warren
Business Strategist- Former Press Agent of the Jacksons and the Whitehouse

Dr. Terry Warren is the Chairman and Founder of Global Communications

Now, a full service communications company specializing in public

relations, marketing, branding, advertising, social media, Government

relations and international business development.


With over thirty-five years in public relations, marketing, advertisement and

international business development, Dr. Terry Warren has a proven track

record for taking his clients to the highest levels of success and profitability.

His clients have included Latoya Jackson, former Heavyweight Champion

Ken Norton, and the Republic of South Korea. He also worked with the

Regan White House on the “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign, along with

several other charities and religious organizations to help create an

awareness of the purpose, the need and the cause.

Terry has worked with major ministries and non-profit organizations

including Boys and Girls Clubs, the National African-American Business

Summit and worked for such successful campaigns and help to create the

campaign “Heaven: Everybody Gets to Go, Not Everybody Gets to Stay”

for NTL Ministries. He is worked on “The Seal America Campaign”,

protecting America by celebrating communion on the steps of every capital.

He is currently working with I Change Nations an international peace

organization that introduces the Golden Rule as well as creating Statesman

and Peace Ambassadors throughout the world. Dr. Warren also represents

Diversified Global Eco Energy an international energy company that offers

the first hybrid fuel less generator considered to be the next evolution in

power. The generator provides clean green power 24/7/365 without the use

of fossil fuels. The generator can connect to the grid or operate off the grid,

allowing it to provide power to remote areas of the world especially in

Africa. His newest client Dr. Antoine Chevalier has been a functional

medicine practitioner at the White House since 2001. Dr. Chevalier has a

very high in the treatment of the following disorders including but not limited

to PTSD, Drug Addiction, Post-concussion Pain, Headaches, Chronic Pain,

Weight Loss, Depression and Suicidal Ideation and Anxiety.

Terry represented Bishop George Dallas McKinney, formerly nominated for

Chaplain of the U.S. Senate. San Diego has established a Bishop

McKinney Day because of his contributions to that community. Terry was

the publicist and board member for the following organizations: The Wealth

of Nations Foundation, a ministry working with fatherless children; Hosanna

Broadcasting, a satellite radio service spreading the gospel to Africa, India,

and the Middle East. Terry recently helped coordinate the secular media for

America for Jesus, making the world aware that hundreds of thousands of

Christians from around the globe came to Washington D.C. to pray for this

country. He also recently handled the Media for Festival Baja Del Sol,

which included a march for Jesus in downtown Los Angeles .The event was

one of the largest gathering of Christian Hispanics in the U.S. and was on

the executive committee for the 100 year anniversary of Azusa Street. He

recently oversaw the media for Azusa Now at the L.A Coliseum, the event

was viewed by over 250 million worldwide through various media.

Dr. Warren has also helped companies bring their products to market and

brand them as household names while increasing sales significantly. One

of his most recognized accomplishments was the creation, development

and marketing of Only Natures Finest which became the number one

natural health website in the world. Only Natures Finest became the

Google and You Tube of Natural Health and was second only to You Tube

in the world with regards to time spent on a website. He has established

relationships with top Hollywood celebrities, prominent media

professionals, and major news anchors and editors. Dr. Warren has

arranged many interviews and articles in major publications. In addition, he

has placed talent on thousands of TV and Radio programs. He has

featured clients in numerous magazines and newspapers in the US as well

as internationally. His extensive experience with media outlets uniquely

qualifies him to provide the same level of Media exposure to corporations

and non-profit organizations as well as Governments and political officials’

to achieve branding via a fast track. Because of his relationships and

experience with the highest levels of media, Dr. Warren has the ability to

brand people, products and ideas into a household name.

Kedma Ough MBA

Funding Specialist- Speaker- Author

Kedma Ough, MBA is a recognized alternative funding thought leader and has advised more than 10,000 inventors and entrepreneurs on a wide range of financing options. Over the last 20 years she has held leadership roles with both the SBA Small Business Development Centers and the Women’s Business Centers. Currently she is a board member with the United Inventors Association and a published author through McGraw Hill. Her book Target Funding helps inventors and entrepreneurs find the necessary grants, funds, and resources to scale their dream. Ough is a proud fifth-generation entrepreneur and her great-great grandfather peddled various products throughout Ireland.   She is currently developing a candy-based food invention with her three young boys and they are the lead product tasters.

Rick Grunden
Funding Specialist- Speaker
CEO Cash Flows LLC


Rick Grunden chosen to be a Student Ambassador under then President of the United States, Ronald Reagan


 a program started by President Eisenhower, to Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, England andthe

former Yugoslavia. In preparation to traveling overseas to all of thesecountries, Mr. Grunden studied at George 

Washington University and Eastern Washington University at age 15, where he learned to speak with 

translators and was educated on all foreign policy and tactics.



He later graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a double major in International Business 

and Marketing, winning a National Championship in football and was awarded the coveted Theophilus 

Gregory   Award for combined excellence in Academics and Athletics. 


After graduating from Denmark’s International Business School at the University of Copenhagen, 

Mr. Grunden began working immediately for a billion-dollar 

multi-national health and nutrition company and built and managed a team of over 10,000 Distributors in nine 

countries in his first year.



Mr. Grunden became a sought after bottom line consultant and grew whole divisions of Mattel and Microsoft, 

and afterward was hired to grow the bottom lines by industry giants like Honda, Gatorade, Southwest Airlines, 


Adidas, United Airlines, Fleetwood, Coors, RJR Nabisco, Toto, NBC, F/X Networks, PAX TV, El Pollo Loco and 

numerous others.


Because he understood business, Mr. Grunden began buying and selling stocks specifically in privately held 

companies and eventually formed and ran Wealth Investment Group, Inc., which eventually grew to almost 

3,000 accredited investors with a combined buying power over 25 billion dollars.


Companies leveraged Mr. Grunden‘s reputation and his entertaining presentations and sold millions of dollars 

of tickets to investor conferences ranging from $7,500 to $18,750 per person to hear about his latest 

recommendations, and he didn’t accept a single penny from ticket sales. Mr. Grunden has lived in numerous 

countries abroad and had a home custom built in Thailand. He has spoken numerous times to audiences of 

over 30,000 people and has been translated in over 45 languages.



Rick Grunden now helps anyone retire through either “done for you” real estate, where they show people how 

to buy pre-sold new homes, using NONE of their own money or from buying already existing cash flowing 

businesses that require none of their effort or time, so they can live stress free and can even retire if they 

desire, or continue doing whatever they are truly passionate about, without the need for financial gains, 

because they have everything they need from their digital online products stores.






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